In Memoriam – March 2014

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The Priory of Portugal, under the Priory of Iberia OSMTHU, organized a one day long memorial on the occasion of 700 anniversary of the martyrdom of Jacques de Molay.

During the afternoon, a Conference was hosted by the Chancellor General, Fr+ Luis de Matos, GCMCTJ during which the members of the Order and the many guest discussed the myths and truths about the campaign against the Templars conducted by Philip IV of France.

The Commandry of Sintra hosted a very emotional Requiem Ceremony, conducted by Commander Fr+ António Guillherme, KCTJ with a short speech by Fr+ Matos in his capacity as Bishop in Ecclesia Tau Flammula Veritatis.

The day concluded with a fraternal meal followed by a very passionate debate about the Order in our days.

All photos (c) 2014 The Templar Globe.