The Lego Bible

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More than 4,500 illustrations, depicting more than 400 Bible tales from Genesis to Revelations, are displayed online at

Launched in 2001, it is the ongoing project of one man, Brendan Powell Smith, nicknamed “The Reverend”.

He says it is intended to educate people about the Bible “in a way that is fun and compelling, while remaining true to the text of the scriptures.

“To this end, all stories are retold using direct quotes from The Bible.”

It is huge, detailed, occasionally gory and frequently satirical. The excerpts from 1 Samuel are entitled “Saul rejected for incomplete genocide”, after the leader of the Israelites left some sheep and cattle alive after being ordered to exterminate the Amalekites.

Similarly, Saint Stephen is shown saying: “If you ignore a few phrases here and there and completely ignore their original context, [the Scriptures] totally predict Jesus!”

Mr Smith says of the driving force behind his labour of love: “I am not at all religious myself, but have a longstanding interest in religion, the Bible, and the study of ancient Christianity and Judaism, hence the nickname ‘The Reverend.'”

The Brick Testament was released in book form in 2003.