Knight class to reveal secrets

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The history of the enigmatic order of the Knights Templar is to be discussed during a special course in Lincolnshire.

The Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire is holding a day school in Heckington to look at the Knights’ illusive past next month.

Founded in 1118, they were originally an order of soldier-monks who defended Christian pilgrims travelling to Jerusalem. But on Friday, October 13, 1307 coded letters were sent across Europe ordering the arrest of all Knights Templar.

They were arrested, tortured and charged with offences ranging from heresy and devil worship to sodomy and murder.

Penny Ward, heritage officer at Heritage Lincolnshire, said the county has a very strong history with the Knights.

“With so much interest in the Templars, this promises to give a fascinating insight into the subject of the military orders during the medieval period,” she said.

“The Knights Templar in particular held extensive properties and exerted considerable influence in the Kesteven part of the county until they fell from favour in the early 1300s and were dissolved.

“The Knights Templar preceptory at Temple Bruer is one of the country’s most important and best preserved sites and is soon to have new display boards designed.”

Tickets for the event cost £25 per person. It will be held on September 19 at the Old School in Heckington with local expert Neil Parker.