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    Emory Taylor said:
    April 27, 2009 at 1:42 am

    My name is Emory Taylor and I am faced with an odd situation involving Prince Henry Senclair, the Zenos, the 1398 expedition, the Templar Treasure, spiritual/mystical enlightenment and the Holy Grail of the German Tradition, this being a stone, which according to a German legend is black and purple quartz, with the black on top of the purple. To explain requires my letter to be long, for which I apologies.

    I am the official biographer of Charles “Black Bart” Crawford. He was a prospector, miner, refiner, and treasure hunter in Arizona from 1970 until his death in 2007. I was also the curator of the Crawford Archive from 2005 until 2008 while the biography was being done. The Crawford biography is actually a trilogy of doc-u-books, called The Superstition Trilogy, and is free to the general public on the internet, http://www.trilogy.threethirteens.com/.

    A doc-u-book is a collection of documents with commentary by the editor — in this case the documents are from the Crawford Archive, and the editor is me. Upon completing the biography I turned the Crawford Archive over to the Superstition Museum as had been requested by Crawford. In his will Crawford donated part of his estate to the Superstition Mountain Museum and Historical Society.

    For the third doc-u-book of the trilogy I transcribed a one hour and forty-five minute video tape Crawford made on July 4, 2002, and which he called “Champion Speaks Out Against The New World Order.” In the video, among other topics, Crawford tells the basics of his near death experience, which has to do with spiritual/mystical enlightenment and the odd situation I now face, and the reason I am contacting you.

    I know Crawford’s near death experience from personal conversations with him, and (of course) from the video. In the 1970s, during a trip in the Superstition Wilderness Area in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona, to his Cheryl Anne mining claims in the Upper La Barge Box, Crawford was traveling an ancient trail he had discovered. The Apache Indians were afraid of this ancient trail because it crossed what they called the Thunder Grounds, which is a place where they heard loud voices in a language they did not understand.
    Crawford had not brought along enough water and began to dehydrate in the desert heat. When he could not go on, and was giving up, positive he was going to die, he saw what he believed to be an Angel. This Angel guided Crawford to a pool of cold water with a Trout swimming in it. Of course the water saved his life.

    Crawford found a bar which he sometimes described as a black bar, and sometimes described as a black and purple bar. Crawford said voices, speaking in a strange language, emanated from the bar. He took the bar to his Cheryl Anne mining claims and buried it there. Crawford would then commune with God on his Deity mining claim, which is one of the claims collectively known as the Cheryl Anne claims. From these communions with God on the Deity claim, Crawford believed he received an ordainment from God, was God’s Messenger, that he was to find the hidden (or lost) scrolls and tablets, and was to bind the Superstition Wilderness Area as a safe haven for believers during the End Times, because there are underground dwellings there, and these underground dwelling connect to underground dwelling all over the earth, and he spoke of UFOs.

    In the video the only part of the story he left out was the finding of the bar. Crawford would, for whatever reason, only tell about the finding of the bar in privet conversations with those whom he trusted. Crawford was in possession of a quantity of a black and purple quartz. For whatever reason, he put the black and purple quartz in small cans, some of which were one quart Mobil Oil cans and small coffee cans, and hid them at his home and his Burns Ranch mining claims, called the Thank You claims, which are in the foothills of the Superstition Mountains.

    This is very odd … because … in a German Templar Tradition and Grail cycle the Holy Grail is not a cup but is instead a stone, the Holy Stone, and it is black and purple quartz on which writing appears and then disappears, and from which voices emanate. In the 1930s Otto Rahn was in southern France investigation Wolfram van Eschenbach’s poem Parzvial, which is one of the three epic poems of the German Grail Cycle. His guide, who was a descendent of the Cathars who had escaped the Albigensian Crusade by fleeing into what became Switzerland, showed Otto an ancient trail, going from Mount Montsegur to Mount Tabor, along which is a lake of dark waters called Lake of the Trout, which is the cradle of thunder. The guide, fearful, told Otto not to throw any stones into the lake because it would provoke a storm and lightening will destroy you.

    Of course it should be obvious that the similarities are striking: both Crawford’s story and Otto’s story involve an ancient trail, a place of thunder, people being afraid, and quartz that is black and purple. Crawford never spoke of the Knights Templar. What he did say was that a person had to be a High Spiritualist, an initiate of 72 degrees, to use the black and purple bar he found in order to commune with God. I have never head of a 72 degree initiate before or of a High Spiritualist. Crawford said the quartz had been used in a sex ritual to commune with the High Spirits, and this had been done starting in the 1200s through the 1500s when the ore was hidden.

    Prior to his death, Crawford sent me out to his Burns Ranch claims with what I call the Crawford Treasure Code, which is a bunch of scribblings, drawings, two foreign alphabets, and some words written is strange letters. He described the general place to go as he drew the treasure code. He wanted me to retrieve one of his hidden stashes. Before I could undertake this treasure hunting adventure, Crawford and I had a falling out, which of course we latter patched up.

    During the falling out period Crawford became gravely ill and was transported to a hospital, and after treatment was sent to a nursing home. Crawford never returned home. A friend and I undertook the treasure hunting adventure and found Crawford’s stash of black and purple quartz. I went to the nursing home and spoke to Crawford. He told me it was too late for him: death was coming and there was nothing that could be done, and that he had failed in his mission, in that he had not found the scrolls and tablets. He told me to keep the black and purple quartz.

    The Burns Ranch, where Crawford’s Thank You claims were located, and where the black and purple quartz was found, is said to be haunted. Old man Burns, who had been treasure hunting, mining silver, and trading with the Apache Indians, buried several treasure troves at his ranch. Burns died from wounds he received when he was ambushed transporting treasure to California. His partner took Burns back to the Burns ranch where old man Burns died from his wounds, but not until after he put a curse on the hidden treasure troves, because he thought his partner was in on the ambush, believing his partner wanted both Mrs. Helen Burns, and the treasures for himself.

    The partner, Louis Humphrey died of lymphoma, which has symptoms similar to those the curse was to cause. Humphrey got sick while at the Burns Ranch but died in a hospital. Helen Burns received two bullets to the head while at the Burns Ranch with infamous treasure hunter Robert “Crazy Jake” Jacob. She died at a hospital. Kary Ballard was shot dead on the Burns Ranch while there treasure hunting with Lloyd Sutton.

    As the Burns Ranch is said to be haunted and the treasure troves are said to be cursed, we, treasure hunter Rick Gwynne and I, undertook an investigation of the haunting and curse as part of the Crawford biography. Of course, we are not paranormal investigators so we contacted local paranormal groups to do the investigation. One group completed their investigation in March 2008. Their report declared that there is low level paranormal activity occurring at the Burns Ranch. Two of the paranormal investigators felt disorientated when handling the polished quartz. Only three of the quartz stones were polished. All the others are in the form of mineral ore.

    We decided to have some psychics handle the black and purple quartz and tell me their impressions. We contacted Holly Matthews. She was having a get-to-gather for psychics. We attended with the quartz and a couple of my friends. There were 54 psychics at the meeting. The following is a list of statements made by 17 of the psychics. We arranged their statements in categories.
    A journey and Merlin type beings associated with the quartz.
    Saw people, four men, carrying an ark like object with poles through rings. The quartz had been inside the ark like object.
    The quartz was originally transported in a leather or canvas bag.
    from some where else
    from some where else
    Near by
    Something like a pot of gold, a treasure, is located near by where the quartz was found, as is a underground passage.
    Felt something was deep in the ground near the place of the quartz.
    near the place it was found there is an underground passage, and a portal or transportation spot of some kind
    Place where found
    a deterrent there to prevent discovery.
    something was wrong in the place of the quartz and the place needed to be cleared.
    Used for ritual
    People of a secret sect use the quartz for an inner journey, an explosive instance of awareness.
    people had used it to interact with it
    they did a ritual around it
    used in a ritual involving pain, a lot of pain
    a lot of energy
    felt scared energy
    felt strong as the Sun
    extreme energy
    Physical feeling
    causing her finger tips to tingle
    caused her shake
    caused vibration, energy in her solar plexus
    felt hot, extremely hot
    felt warm
    It is cursed
    it was cursed
    Bad things associated
    linked to the dark side and
    from the deep, dark side
    big problems are associated with it
    murder was associated with it
    evil is associated with it
    Deliberately hidden
    had been deliberately hidden to keep it away from people because something evil is attached to it
    someone had been digging up the quartz, because it had been put away, hidden on purpose
    Get rid of it
    should be gotten rid of
    should be gotten rid of
    Did not touch
    immediately put the quartz down [would not pick it back up]
    refused to touch it
    did not want to touch anything
    Two statements did not fit into a category
    The quartz had something to do with Jesus.
    The quartz formed over different time periods. The purple when wonderful things happened. The black when bad things happened.
    The polished quartz was altered in that the black quartz had been removed and the purple quartz had been polished. Only three psychics commented about the polished quartz. Two of them picked up on the alteration saying
    The polished quartz was not very strong …
    The polished quartz is much more subtle than the unpolished quartz.

    In the 1970s Crawford found the so-called 1568 Jesuit Stone in Bark’s Draw, which is just inside the Superstition Wilderness Area from the Peralta Trailhead. On February 10, 1981 Crawford loaned the so-called 1568 Jesuit Stone to the Central Arizona Museum of History. We have a copy of this document. He thought it was a marker to a treasure.

    For whatever reason he thought it was a Jesuit treasure. He contacted the Jesuit Society in Tucson, Arizona by telephone. He wanted to excavate the treasure under the Jesuit auspice. According to a letter by Rev. Charles W. Polzer , S.J., of the American Division Jesuit Historical Institute document, dated October 19, 1983, Crawford had his facts wrong so the treasure could not possible be Jesuit, and the Jesuits had no auspice to grant, and Crawford would have to take the matter up with the Cardinal Secretary of State at the Vatican. We have a copy of this letter.

    In this same time period Crawford was in a legal battle with the Federal Government over the validity of his Cheryl Anne mining claims. Under oath, on the witness stand, Crawford and two witnesses, Larry Billman and Mr. Smith, testified that Crawford was living in a pup tent in Billman’s back yard because Crawford was “in a financial state of embracement.” Yet with in weeks Crawford had $50,000 dollars to establish a pilot plant to process his Cheryl Anne ore. We have a copy of the transcripts. In the Crawford Archive, which I had possession of from 2005 until 2008, there is no document detailing where the $50,000 came from, or exactly how the pilot plant was financed.

    Adding one more thing, on the Crawford Treasure Code, one of the drawings is the same emblem used by the Central Arizona Museum of History, the very museum to which Crawford loaned the so-called 1568 Jesuit Stone. The conclusion is rather obvious. Crawford dug up the treasure, used part of it to finance the pilot plant, and then re-buried the rest of the treasure at the Burn Ranch, which is why the emblem for the museum is on the treasure code.

    There is also the story told by Bert Morrison, one of Crawford’s former security guards at the Burns Ranch Thank You claims. Crawford was searching for a cave that had a stagecoach from the 1800s in it. The stagecoach had been carrying gold, and had been robbed by bandits. These bandits took the stagecoach to a cave, and caused the cave to collapse, and absconded with the gold.

    Crawford found a small cave opening near the top of a rock outcropping. But it turned out to be just a very small cave. However, it contained the small stockpile of black and purple quartz. According to this story, the black and purple quartz was traded by the Apache Indians to old man Burns. They brought it from the Thunder Ground to show to Burns hopping he could tell them what it was, and wanting to show him the Thunder Grounds, because they thought it had something to do with white people.

    As you can tell, we do not know for certain exactly where Crawford got the black and purple quartz. But we have learned that In 1220, Templar Komtur Hubertus Koch, returning with a small party from the Crusades, passed through Mesopotamia, and near the old city of Nineveh in modern Irak received an apparition of the goddess Isais (first child of goddess Isis and god Set). She told him to withdraw to the Untersberg mountain, build a house there and await her next apparition.

    In 1221, Koch erected his first Komturei at the foot of Ettenberg near Markt Schellenberg. A second, larger structure followed. It is believed that over the next few years underground galleries were excavated into various areas of the Untersberg, and in one of them a temple to Isais was built.

    A second apparition occurred in 1226 and were repeated on occasions until 1238. During this period the Templars received “Die Isais Offenbarung”, a series of prophesies (recently published) and information concerning the Holy Grail. The Templars at Jerusalem had knowledge of these visitations, over which the Church drew a veil of silence. What follows is only Tradition, but may be of interest.
    It is the German tradition that the Templars were ordered to form a secret scientific sect in southern Germany, Austria and northern Italy to be known as “Die Herren vom Schwarzen Stein” or “DHvSS” for short, and this is the true, hidden meaning of “SS”.

    The Holy Grail (“Ghral”=holy stone, Persian/Arabic) was said to be a black-violet crystal, half quartz, half amethyst, through which Higher Powers communicated with humanity. It was given into the safe-keeping of the Cathars, and smuggled out of the last stronghold at Montsegur, France, and hidden, by four Cathar women on the night of 14 March 1244. There is a Cathar legend that 700 years after the destruction of the Cathar religion the Holy Grail would be returned to its rightful holders, DHvSS, or the SS.

    It is important that one of the place of the German secret scientific sect is northern Italy. As you most likely know the Zeno family of Venice, Italy had the transportation rights between Venice and the Holy Land during the Crusades. Carlo Zeno (1333 – 1418) was a naval hero of Venice. He saved Venice in 1380 in the Battle of Chioggia when the Genoese attacked. From 1405 – 1418 he was a mercenary for hire in the Mediterranean. His brothers were Nicolo (c.1326 – 1402) and Antonio (???? – 1003).

    In 1558 the great-great-grandson son of Nicolo Zeno, who was also named Nicolo Zeno, anonymously published a book with the long title The Discovery of the Islands of Frislandia, Eslanda, Engronelands, Estotilanda, and Icaria; Made by the Two Brothers of the Zeno Family, Namely Messire Nicolo, the Chevalier, and Messire Antonio. With a Map of the Said Islands. This book has been dubbed The Zeno Narrative.

    The subject of The Zeno Narrative is an expedition allegedly undertaken by Nicolo, Antonio, and Prince Henry Sinclair (spelled St. Clair in France) of Orkney (now part of Scotland) in the North Atlantic, ending up in what is now Nova Scotia and New England. I will refer to this expedition as the 1398 Sinclair-Zeno expedition.

    The Zeno Narrative was compiled from letters written by Nicolo and Antonio, and a map, now referred to as the Zeno Map. There are two fractions, one Pro and one Con, which hotly dispute the validity of The Zeno Narrative.

    According to the Pro fraction (who support the validity of The Zeno Narrative), the Zenos departed northern Italy (Venice) in 1398, sailing the Mediterranean, and eastern Atlantic to Orkney (Scotland), meeting up with Prince Henry Sinclair. It was Prince Henry Sinclair led the 1398 Sinclair-Zeno expedition on its departure from Orkney. They sailed the north Atlantic to Faroes, Iceland, Greenland, Labrador, Nova Scotia (Guysborough), and America (Newport). The Zenos returned right away but Prince Henry Sinclair and some of his men did not.

    A colony was established, and the inhabitants are believed to have married into Indian tribes and migrated westward away from the eastern seaboard. Thus the possibility that at least part of the Templar’s Treasure which may have included the Holy Stones made it to North America.

    Prince Henry Sinclair was born in 1345 and was the son and heir of William Sinclair, Lord of Roslin, and Isobel of Strathearn, a daughter of Maol Ísa, Earl of Orkney. According to the official Clain Sinclair website, http://www.clansinclair.org/Timeline10.htm, 1379 Henry made Jarl (Prince or Earl) of Orkney and Lord of Shetland by King Haakon VI of Norway at Marstrand. 1389 Henry Slays Malise Sperra near Scalloway, Shetland. 1391 Henry conquers Faroe Islands. 1398 Prince Henry’s voyage sails to New world. 1398 Henry lands at Trin harbour, now Chadebucto Bay Nova Scotia. 1399 Henry in Massachusetts and Rhode Island Evidence at Westford and the Newport Tower. 1400 Prince Henry killed in Orkney he is succeeded by his son Henry 2nd Earl of Orkney.

    There is no firm evidence on when Henry died. The Sinclair Diploma, written or at least commissioned by his grandson states: “…he retirit to the parts of Orchadie and josit them to the latter tyme of his life, and deit Erile of Orchadie, and for the defence of the country was slain there cruellie by his enemiis…” We also know that sometime in 1401: “The English invaded, burnt and spoiled certain islands of Orkney.” The assumption is that Henry either died in this invasion, or was already dead.

    According to Tim Wallace – Murphy and Marilyn Hopkins, authors of Templars In America: From Crusade to the New World, Henry’s distant relative Henri de St. Clair, when he was Baron of Roslin and Pentland, fought in the first crusade at the battle for Jerusalem.
    According to Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas, authors of The Hiram Key, the founder of Templars Hugh de Payns was married to a sister of the Duke of Champaine (Henri de St. Clair), who was a powerful broker of the first Crusade and had the political power to nominate the Pope, and to suggest the idea and empower it to the Pope. This is contested by Thierry Leroy, a biography of Hugues de Payen.

    According to other authors, such as William E. Mann, and Steven Sora, several of Henry’s immediate relatives (grand-uncles, etc) were Templars, and still living when Henry was young.

    In 1566 a man named Zaltieri made a map called Zaltieri’s 1566 map. It clearly shows North America. It also shows what becomes the state of Arizona and the Superstition Mountains, next to which it shows a settlement named Chucho. Thus the possibility that members of the Sinclair colony, who may have had at least part of the Templar Treasure, which may have included the black and purple quartz Holy Stones, made it to the Superstition Mountains in Arizona, in the area of both the Burns Ranch and Bark’s Draw, both of which are possible places where Crawford found the black and purple quartz of which Rick Gwynne and I are in possession, and the Thunder Ground, the location of which is not known, is said to be between the Burns Ranch and the Upper La Barge Box.

    At this point it should be obvious that Rick and I are looking for one or both of the following.

    someone from either the Sinclair or Zeno families who might know more about the Templar Treasure and the possibility that the Holy Stones were part of the 1398 expedition led by Prince Henry Sinclair, and who could examine our black and purple quartz to determine if they were part of the treasure,
    someone or some group associated with the German Tradition from southern Germany, Austria, or northern Italy who is a High Spiritualist who can examine the black and purple quartz and determine if they are the Holy Stones.

    I would think that before they could be used in some sex ritual to contact the High Spirits they would have to have the Burns curse removed. I would think the Burns curse would prevent them from functioning properly.

    It seems to me, at the very least, even with the Burns curse preventing the proper function, the black and purple quartz constitutes a relic of the German Tradition, especially of Wolfram van Eschenbach, proving that his version was in fact NOT based on Chretien de Troyes’ version, and that the Templars were the guardians of the True Grail, a stone of black and purple quartz, and that Prince Henry Sinclair and the Zenos not only undertook the expedition to the New World in 1398 but brought part of the Templar Treasure with them, namely the German Holy Stones.

    If you know of anyone or any group who can help please contact us.
    Thank you for your time. I know my letter was long and we apologies.

    Emory Taylor and Rick Gwynne

    cancellarus said:
    May 21, 2009 at 4:05 pm

    contact me.

    Emory Taylor said:
    May 21, 2009 at 4:49 pm

    Well ….. I do not know how to contact you. My email address is

    emory.taylor at yahoo.com

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