OSMTHU Electoral Procedure Opened until March 2009

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During the Magisterial Council Meeting that took place in Madrid, last October, at the proposal of the Convent General of the Order, it was decided to proceed with the electoral procedure for the election of the new Master. The electoral procedure, as previously approved and confirmed in Madrid, will be the same that was used to elect Master Fernando de Toro-Garland and Master Antonio Paris.

According to the wishes of the Priories of the OSMTHU, the election is called under the following terms:

The Officer in charge of the election is the Chancellor.

Candidates to Mastership must have served as Priors

The Candidates present themselves to the election by sending their candidature via surface mail to the address of the Chancellery: OSMTHU – Chancellery; PO Box 44; 2725 Mem Martins; Portugal.

The candidatures sent to the Chancellor must be accompanied by a Curriculum Vitae of the Candidate to the Mastership.

The candidatures must state the list of the proposed Magisterial Council of each Candidate. These comprise the following 9 Officers:

Secretary General
Visitor General
Master of Ceremonies

All members of the proposed Magisterial Council must have served as Priors. The Magisterial Council should represent as many countries and nationalities as possible. The candidate can add 3 Councilors to the list of officers that will become members of the Magisterial Council.

Each list that complies with these electoral rules will be designated as “A”, “B,”, “C”, and so forth by the Chancellor based on the order of arrival of the candidatures. Lists and Candidatures which don’t comply with the rule must be returned to the candidate in no more than 2 weeks after their arrival.

The election is valid if at least one list is presented. The level of abstention bears no significance to the final result, only the validated votes.

Candidatures must to be sent to the Chancellery between 1st. December 2008 and 31st. March 2009. Final candidates to be announced by circular the second week of April 2009.

Voting period: 1st. May 2009 until 31st. May 2009.

Votes are to be sent to an independent Auditor to be hired for this effect. Details should be announced in April. Auditor’s Report with final voting count shall be produced no later than June 15. Final announcement to be sent with official circular the first week of July.

Installation of Master and Magisterial Council Officers: last week of July, 2009

According to Magisterial Council decisions, supported by the General Assembly of 2007, later communicated and confirmed by the General Assembly of 2008 and Magisterial Council Meeting, only the (…) Priories [in good standing] are accredited to vote.

Each Priory has 1 vote.

The Chancellor wishes the best of luck to all Candidates.

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