The devil wear Prada…the Pope doesn’t…

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Dripping in gold and with his cool white cottons and trendy headgear, the head of the Catholic church could easily be mistaken for the king of bling.

But it seems the designer look is not a godly one…

The Pope does not wear Prada, his official journal has revealed.

Benedict XVI is not a man who fusses about fashion – despite ­rumours he wears £700 red loafers from the Milan fashion house, the Osservatore Romano said.

Instead, he dresses according to a ‘precise liturgical code’.

‘Naturally, the attribution was false. The banality of our times does not even recognise that the colour red has a clear sacrificial significance,’ said a spokesman.

The pontiff, voted ‘accessoriser of the year’ by Esquire magazine last year, was first spotted wearing the red shoes in 2006.

Pope watchers quickly speculated they were made by Prada – a claim unchallenged by the Vatican until now.

‘These rumours do not tally with the simple and sober man who, on the day of his election to the papacy, addressed the faithful and the whole world with the sleeves of his modest black sweater showing,’ his spokesman said.

He did not reveal the real maker but reports claimed the shoes were the work of Adriano Stefanelli, who has designed two pairs of leather loafers for winter and summer.

But, to ensure the debate does not resurrect itself, the Osservatore Romano concluded: ‘The Pope does not wear Prada – but Christ. His worries are not about accessories – but the essential.’