Priory of Slovenia Will Meet at Turjak Castle

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The Priory of Slovenia will be conducting a seminar for members and an Investiture ceremony in the Castle of Turjak this coming February the 24th.

Recently the Prior of Slovenia, Fr+ Marin Zen, has lead a pilgrimage of the Templars to the Marian Sanctuary of Medugorge where they celebrated mass and chanted the “Non Nobis” in a spontaneous choir that filled the celebration with a true sense of mystic elevation.

 The Magisterial Council will announce very soon the dates and agenda of the next two International Meetings and General Assemblies, to take place in Madrid, Spain in early April and Lubljana, Slovenia, in early June. Members of the Council will be present, but both meetings are to be attended by all Priors and opened to the participation of all regular members of the Order of all ranks.

Photo: Fr+ Marin Zen, Prior General of Slovenia