Is Our Spiritual Growth Being Served by Our “Way of Life?”

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Don’t you just love this adventure we are all on called “Life on Planet Earth?” It is a delicious and wonderful game and the only way it would be otherwise is if you choose for it to be.

Right now we are in a stage of collective evolution, as the human species, where we have chosen for it to be otherwise. As a world society we have chosen to believe that we are separate entities, as people, as communities, as states, as nations, and as a planet. We have chosen a perspective of viewing life as a struggle that must be won in order to preserve the “way of life” that we have chosen and created.

We chose this perspective because upon entering this physical world the prevailing belief system said that it’s a jungle out there and the only way to survive is by being the most fit. You have to develop and create your life so that you are continually winning the battle to be better at the game of life than your competitors. You observe that if you get really good at winning then you get to make the rules. This helps you keep an advantage over your competitors and amass more points.

The gauge that is used to see who is a winner is the accumulation of earthly things that we possess, because in this paradigm you get to own all that you have struggled and fought and manipulated to get as part of the game. All the material positions that are deemed by your society to be of value are held as trophies to your success.

You own the parts of the earth that you have acquired including the air above the earth and the ground and the minerals below the earth. You own the people in your life that acquiesce to your right of dominance. You own your wife or husband and treat them as part of your possessions. You own your children and hold their accomplishments as your own and disallow their perceived failures.

As your possessions, you endeavor to instill in them your value systems and judgments and try to mold them in your image and likeness. You quash their independent thinking because you know what is better for them than they do.

You espouse the virtues of freedom because you want to be free to pursue all avenues that help you be a winner. But your definition of freedom often conflicts with another’s definition of freedom, so you collaborate with people who share your perspective to ensure that your definition of freedom prevails. Once again, you win, they lose, and you get to set the rules.

Of course the freedom you choose is one that allows you to accumulate more of the material possessions that most people playing this game want the most. That is, the accumulation of money. It is by this standard that society recognizes your stature, and it is to this symbolism that the society has created a mantra and a “way of life.”

The mantra is that “who you are is not important if you don’t have enough money.” And the “way of life” we have created is that it is our God-given right to possess and consume as much of life’s bounty as we can afford (or borrow or steal) and this must be preserved at all costs.

So what has that meant to us as individuals, and societies, and nations, and a planet? As individuals, societies, and nations we are always at choice. The planet has no choice. It is at consequence to the choices we make and the lives we choose to create as individuals, societies, and nations.

Wait a minute. You mean that we, as individuals, hold the very survival of our planet in our own hands? You decide. Read on.

Here is how individuals, societies, and nations preserve their “way of life” now. I am generalizing here, because not all societies hold this view, but the majority of the societies of this earth are acting in the manner that follows.

Most individuals have bought into the paradigm of life that says we are all separate from each other, the planet that sustains us and separate from God.

They believe they are separate entities unto themselves and as such they are mainly concerned with trying to win points in the game of life and preserve the status quo. The status quo being their “way of life.” On an individual level they are conditioned to believe that by struggling and manipulating their lives they can accumulate and acquire money and material possessions that they have been told will make them happy, and or gain them entrance into heaven.

Individually they support those systems and institutions that reinforce and supplement these endeavors. The main systems they rely upon are religion, education and government.

Individually, most people have values of honesty, responsibility, fairness, respect and freedom. However each of these values is subject to each individual’s interpretation, because each individual perceives that they are separate from every other individual and separate from God.

So individuals, in their quest for some type of uniformity in their value systems once again rely heavily on the institutions that support their “way of life.” Religion, education and government are the systems that continually influence individuals in their separateness, and individuals continually reinforce these institutions to keep doing so, under the guise that by doing so they can continue to maintain their “way of life.”

My question to you is this, “Are we being served by believing in the paradigm of separation and it is the “way of life’ we have created serving us?”

By Richard Blackstone

Richard Blackstone is an award winning author and international speaker on Love, Oneness & Creation.