God is Not a Formula

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Ah, the days of high school where we learned how to take a complicated equation, break it down and generate the answer. I don’t care for equations and formulas. I was like most students, “Enough with all the rules and regulations, let’s just get to the point!”

In our walk with God, it sometimes seems like if we just go to church enough or volunteer enough or give enough money to the church, then we can check off our religious to do list. God is sovereign and is not impressed with how much we give; whether money or time. God does not need our time or money; but He is after one thing; our attention.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in fellowship with other saints, but this should not be the basis of our doing or giving to the church. In Iyanla Vanzant’s Book, One day my Soul Just Opened Up, she reveals this: “I admit there are times when I slip back into my old fears, old beliefs, and old confusion. I admit there are moments when I focus on the problem and not on the presence of goodness that is God. Today, however, I know how to get still, ask the question and listen for the answer, because I try to remember, Right where I am, God is, and God believes in me. I have learned that there is no magic formula that will bring you to that moment. Nor is their one particular way to get there…You must have a deep desire to know the Divine that is not based on anything other than that deep desire.”

It is words such as these that should remind us that we are in true relationship with our God; he is not angry and waiting to throw fire bolts at you the moment you mess up! He is a thoughtful, devoted, and gracious God.

Have you ever watched a baby sleep? You watch, adore and so very lovingly look upon what is to grow into an adult one day. I believe that God looks at us in awe like that. He looks at what we are and what we are to become through His grace and he beams with adoration for His creation.

Knowing this, how can we put God into what our “ideal” relationships is? Full of tradition, excuses and false doctrines, we think we can put God in our “religious” box and leave Him there until we call. God is not a formula! He is a Father who longs to have individual relationships with each of His children! Do not second rate your Creator, Lord, Redeemer, Father and Savior to such a small task of being a 911 button in your life! Think of the fulfillment our lives would encounter by placing God in his rightful place; First place! Ask yourself if it is fair that your children just come to you when they need help or do you want a fulfilling relationship?

Now think about how we have treated God? Just like I am concerned about the details in my child’s life, so is God concerned with even the smallest detail in yours. What if God treated us like a formula? Jumping in and out of our lives like a Jack in the box. What a ruined life we would have! The Bible says that “He is a God that is passionate about His relationship with you.” Exodus 24:14 NLT. Wow! God is passionate about little ol’ stubborn, selfish, and out of shape me. He doesn’t just love me, He is passionate about me. He cares about what I care about. He wants to hear my dreams and thoughts. He smiles when I am in fellowship with Him. How can I not have a relationship with a being like that?

Perfect church attendance plus your best offering does not equal a relationship with God. Only Faith plus Commitment to our Lord will build a lasting, eternal relationship.

By Rhonda Nails in Ezine Articles

Rhonda L. Nails is the Founder of Monarch Developments, LLC. She is also author of the weekly newsletter, The Monarch Message which is written to Motivate, Move and Magnify a positive and encouraging word to all individuals.