New Year’s Resolutions That Work

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Do we really even bother to write New Year’s resolutions anymore? I mean really write them. As in sit down, categorise our life and goals, plan some desired outcomes .. blah, blah, blah.

It all sounds a bit much, doesn’t it.

And kinda corny anyway.

Besides, nobody keeps resolutions! They’re almost made to be broken.

Maybe the reason you never succeed in your NY plans is you don’t deserve to.

I’m not saying you don’t deserve success.

But seriously – do you really expect to lose the weight, become fitter, find a partner, write a book, run the Kokoda trail backwards, or whatever else spells ‘success’ to you



As Anthony Robbins would say – ‘You gotta MAKE it happen!’

Even those people who seem to be perpetually lucky don’t really just have success smack them in the face. They live their lives in such a way that they see opportunities everywhere, and they truly get out there and give it a go.

Are you one of them?

Why not?

Maybe it’s worth a little more than a laugh with your mates this year.

‘Bet I won’t make it past January’

‘That’s nothing, last year I didn’t even make it to January 2nd!’

Ha ha.

You know what they say. And if you don’t, well – I’ll tell you.

‘Fail to plan and you plan to fail’

Ah, so true. Spoken through my many years of wisdom of course! Kidding.

But really – it does make sense, doesn’t it?

And I’ve certainly noticed that the goals I really think about, plan out, and truly believe to be possible, are the ones that come to fruition.

I challenge you to prove me wrong. After all, do you really want to hit the end of another January (or worse yet – next December) knowing that you still haven’t gotten around to (why not dream!) creating a new you?

Here are my tips to doing just that.

1. Visualise – yeah, yeah, you’ve heard it before. Maybe there’s a reason. It works. If you can’t see yourself doing something – or having it – or being it – how can you ever really believe in your ability to achieve it? And if you don’t believe it – you’re setting yourself up for failure. You’ve already made up your mind. Probably already made up some excuses too. So visualise. In detail. Write it down, or draw it, or think about it daily, or tell everyone you meet. Just do it.

2. Believe. You gotta believe to achieve! But sometimes it’s not that simple, is it? How do you believe in your ability if you don’t, well, believe?! Here’s two great options. First – start telling yourself that you will be (in shape, a non-smoker, happy, energised, wealthy, you get the idea ..). Do it every day – preferably both written and verbal. Sooner or later the message really does sink in, and you start to ‘create your own reality’ by living as though you already are that person.

3. The power of now. This kinda builds on the last step. Believing in your ability to succeed is only part of the picture. What if you believed that you already were successful? Take getting in tip-top shape. If you were already there (and apart from maybe a celebratory blow-out initially!) wouldn’t you exercise most days? Eat well? Look after your body from the inside out? So – what would happen if you started doing that now? Start believing as though your goal already is reality. Write it, say it, shout it from the rooftops – but do it in the present tense.

4. Ask why. If the power of now is part 2 of belief, then this is part three. I got this idea from Jim Labadie, a mentor I work with in the States. It’s all about affirmations. Except Jim calls them affirmations – ’cause you’re forming your future. It goes like this. Rather than telling yourself (or writing) that you are (insert goal), you ask yourself ‘why’. Why am I so happy? Why am I the fittest person I know? Why do I have such a loving relationship? If you ask why, your brain has to figure out the answer, Eventually. Especially if you ask why frequently. And sooner or later you’ll start to follow through on that solution. Whether you realise it or not.

5. Plan. This one’s a little simpler than the rest. I don’t mean easy. Because you still have to follow the plan! But it’s crucially important that you have a plan. Three steps are usually enough. Start with something you can do today (no need to wait till January 1st). Next step should be a little bigger, and maybe involve some set-up – hiring a Personal Trainer, buying a book on Changing Your Thinking. Finally, choose something that’s more ‘big picture’. Example – following through for a month. Make sure you plan a reward for the end of that month! You might need to re-do your plan monthly, as it will be bound to change or become more detailed.

Its easy to say you’ll sort things out next year. But it’s funny how quickly a year can pass.

Make 2008 one that you remember with pride. Life is Now. Press Play.

By Katrina Eden in Ezine Articles

Katrina Eden is a CHEK trainer and Metabolic Typing Advisor in Australia. Make up your mind to press play on life with Katrina and ‘Play Life’.