100,000 Visitors!

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Dear friends, it seems that it was just yesterday that we crossed over the 50,000 viewers target. Well, today we have proudly crossed the 100,000 mark with almost half of them in the last two months alone. As you can see from the statistics graphic above, the Templar Globe has been growing steadily since it’s first issue, but after June 2007 the monthly increase of readers has been overwhelming!

This month alone, almost 1 week to the end of the month, we already have almost as many visitors as we had in October. If we keep the present rate we will have over 4,000 more vistors this month, breaking our 24,000 readers / month record again.

 We want to thank you all for your interest and kindness. The hundreds of comments and emails are a true testimony that our work has been appreciated by Templars worldwide and other readers. We hope to keep the quality of information up to standard in the future.

The Templar Globe is the official bulletin of the Chancellery of the OSMTHU and it must be the most successful of all on-line publications by Templar groups. We believe our success has to do with the fact that we prefer to use these pages not as mean of self-promotion and advertising of our branch of the Order, but rather as a vehicle for the discussion of themes and news that are of interest to Templars worldwide. We seldom publish photos of our ceremonies and do not flood the site with photos of our leaders in messianic pose. We rather do our quiet work far from the limelight. We don’t, however, shy away from the issues that every Templar today should be informed about and actively bring you news about religion, other cultures and spiritual paths, current news and issues about Jerusalem and the Middle East, opinions from all sources about the role of Chivalry in our world today, inspirational stories and characters are brought to our attention and short articles and studies about places and events of the rich Templar history we share as a legacy are published.

 We want to be better in the future. We want to publish more. So, if you have written a short (or long) piece about the Order or if you have come across an interesting resource you think other readers might benefit from or even if there are issues you would like to see addressed in the Templar Globe, please feel free to let us know.

Non Nobis Domine Non Nobis Sed Nomine Tuo Da Gloriam