Templar Leader Creates Foundation to Help Future Generations

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At a meeting at the Capitol Hill Club of Washington, DC, Rear Admiral [Ret.] James J. Carey announced the completion of Phase I of the formation requirements for The Admiral James J. Carey Foundation. The organization has been formally incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia, the request for approval as a private foundation has been filed with the U. S. Internal Revenue Service, and Admiral Carey has been named Chairman of the Foundation. The purpose of the foundation is to endow organizations, programs, and projects that are educational, charitable, scientific, or religious in nature and which are supportive of future generations who will hopefully lead America and the world as civilization progresses on Planet Earth.

Asked why he was taking this action now, Admiral Carey responded, “Actually I’ve been working on this effort for the past four years. It has involved a tremendous amount of time in estate planning and legal work to first establish the trust in which to hold my assets in order to provide for my wife and daughters should anything untoward cause my early demise. That effort took over three years to research, develop, structure, and establish as a legal entity and then transfer my assets and holdings into that structure. I finished that late last year and then we went through an extensive similar program to develop and structure the foundation and provide for it’s funding by my trust once my family has been cared for and no longer has need of those assets. That effort is almost completed and now we’re beginning to determine what organizations the foundation will endow, and that is, in part, the reason why the foundation met today”.

Admiral Carey continued, “The foundation’s initial focus is going to be on those organizations and programs that I have been involved with and supportive of during my lifetime. I have over 40 years of service on organization boards of directors, with some of those experiences I consider as good, and some not so good. Indeed, there is nothing like years of board service to learn the inner workings of an organization. You see it all. Which are fiscally sound and prudent and which are not. Which treat their members with dignity and respect and which do not. Which have effective programs that you want to use your lifetime of earnings to support and continue, and which you do not want your money to be used for because you have seen first hand that all too many program “do not do what they say they will do”. Quite frankly, I’m looking forward to using that 40+ years of experience to ensure that what gets funded by this foundation is truly worthy of being funded and can be counted on to provide a true service to the nation or to mankind and civilization in future generations and for centuries to come”.

Documents were circulated at today’s meeting indicating that among the organizations under consideration for endowment are a university, several fraternal organizations, several knighthood Orders, a broad range of youth groups, a equally broad range of national public policy organizations, and several religious Orders.

Endowment plans are structured based upon each individual organization and subject to restrictions as to how the foundation wants it’s endowment to be used. All Admiral James J. Carey Foundation endowments are structured so as to continue annual funding in perpetuity, so long as the restrictions on the endowment are strictly adhered to. Each endowed organization will be required to furnish an annual audit by an independent Certified Public Accounting firm to certify their adherence to the requirements and restrictions of the endowment. Those that do not adhere are subject to having their endowment cancelled and those funds split evenly among the remaining endowees that, in fact, do adhere to the endowment requirements and restrictions.

In closing today’s meeting of the Foundation, Admiral Carey stated, “I’ve been particularly fortunate during my lifetime to have had numerous mentors and organizations that have taken an active interest in my life and whatever talents I may have been born with or taught by my parents and teachers over the years.

One of the reasons I have decided to dedicate my entire estate to this foundation is, in part, to pay back to society in recognition of those who helped me succeed in life, since I am unable to repay these mentors individually as almost all are no longer living. In recognizing them, and in endowing deserving organizations and programs that will serve society and our culture in future centuries, hopefully I will be providing for future generations to have some of the same successes in life that have come to me. I truly hope so, and take these steps today as the beginning of the process to bring these endowments to fruition.

I thank everyone that has agreed to help me bring these efforts to a successful and worthwhile achievement. Together, we can do much good for America, and today we begin that effort”.

The Admiral James J. Carey Foundation will operate in the Commonwealth of Virginia. It is Admiral Carey’s intent to spend the remainder of his life managing the assets and programs of the foundation, aided by his two daughters, Lynn Margaret Carey of Denver, Colorado, and Sarah Ann Carey Cancel of San Diego, California, who will succeed him as Trustees of the Foundation should he become infirmed or when he dies. It is the intent of the foundation to establish a web site once final Internal Revenue Service approval is received of the foundation’s 501.c.3 private foundation application. In the interim, the foundation may be contacted via e-mail at RADMCarey@aol.com


Why is the Templar Globe associating with an iniciative by the Grand Master of a different branch of the Order?

The Templar Globe is indeed the official bulletin of the OSMTHU, edited by the Chancellery. And Rear Admiral James J. Carey is indeed Grand Master of the OSMTH, another branch – or obedience – of the Order.

We are aware that we live in a world full of so called templar orders that can’t trace their origins beyond a daydream last week, all of them exclusive angry rivals, throwing anathema at each other. For that reason, the Templar Globe does not report on their activities and sudden spurs of fame.

However our obedience and the one presided over by Admiral James Carey can trace their history in detail for several decades if not centuries and in the distant past shared the same origin, coming from the same Order. None of them claims to be the only true Templar Order suspended by Rome and now born from the ashes, owner of some secret revelation that could sell millions of books, though.

The fact that our obedience has its statutes deposited near the European Commission and has completed the registration as an International Organization and the fact that the obedience presided by Admiral James Carey has been granted ONG status by the United Nations – the first, and up to this moment only, Templar organization to be distinguished with such a honour – tells volumes about what sets both organizations apart from the world of petty rivalry of common so called templar circles.

The fact that we are now two different branches from the same original tree is circumstantial and is more a reflex of recent history than of any real rivalry. We keep our individual characteristics, our own leadership and follow our democratic will serving our members and the community, living Templar ideals to the fullest in our daily lives. So, when the OSMTH has something to report such as the creation of this new Foundation we feel naturally compelled to associate with the initiative and support it as much as we can.

We want the Templar Globe to be the source of relevant, credible news about the Templars past and present. But when it comes to the present, we’re sorry if we are very picky…

One last word about Admiral James Carey. It’s common to hear scholars, leaders, researchers, students, simple amateurs, committed fans of Templar history and values, comment at length on all sorts of details about the virtues of Charity and Beneficence. It is however rare to find someone whose character has been so deeply carved by the Templar spirit that he decides to take the ultimate step and dedicate the last (let’s hope long) stage of his presence among us to put all that he gathered, all that God directed his way, all that remained after a full accomplished life, place it all at the service of others. You can close all your Templar books now and you can cease all preaching. Example is the ultimate Templar weapon.

Thank you for not putting on your sleepers and selfishly fade away, brother Carey. I hope to be listening and have the same strength and clarity of mind when God whispers in my hear.

Luis de Matos




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    Fr.Leslie J. Payne said:
    October 22, 2007 at 4:49 pm

    “The Love of money is the root of all evil”.
    It doesn’t say that money itself is evil.
    It is surely, good that money distributed and directed in this suggested way, will eventually bear fruit and hopefully, bear fruit to one hundred-fold!

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