Day: September 17, 2007

See you next Monday!

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Dear readers,

As you may have noticed, I haven’t been able to update our pages since Saturday. That was due to a server error that prevented me to log in. This week I’m off to Madrid to preside over the Magisterial Council meeting and General Assembly of Priors of the Order. This is the most important meeting of the Order’s calendar along the year and in it members from all parts of the world come together to discuss our problems, decide on several subjects, debate topics of interest to Templars worldwide and learn a bit more with our conferences, studies and papers. So I think I shall take the opportunity to make a short break from my duties here at the Templar Globe while I prepare this extremely important upcoming meeting.

I will be back to these pages Monday, September 24th. It’s the first (much needed) break this year. I will bring you all the news from the Order as soon as I get back. Meanwhile, be sure to check older posts and our new Blogroll section. You’ll find many interesting links there.

See you next Monday,

Luis de Matos