Day: August 2, 2007

New Da Vinci theory takes down several Leonardo related sites

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Slavisa Pesci, an amateur scholar and information technologist, has made some interesting remarks that caused some Leonardo Da Vinci related websites to suffer and crash because of the onslaught of traffic that came from conspiracy theorists and Dan Brown fans.

Pesci said that when he superimposed a reversed image of the fresco “Last Supper” on top of an image of the original, you could see what appears to be a Knights Templar holding a baby. Add to that he also said you could clearly see a goblet before Christ, showing the scene when he blessed bred and wine for the Eucharist. If you understand Italian, there is a video, which explains the theory, but if you do not the images speak volumes. (

Some of you might already know the rumor and hype that was given to the “Last Supper” after reading one or two books. Recently, The Da Vinci Code made famous by author Dan Brown proposed that there was more to the painting than one would believe arguing in his book that Jesus married Mary Magdelene and fathered a child, later the blood of Christ was the real Holy Grail. Both points were “proven” by looking at the fresco.

“I came across it by accident, from some of the details you can infer that we are not talking about chance but about a precise calculation,” Pesci told journalists when he unveiled the theory earlier this week.

Calculations that many in the art world and those in the world of mathematics cannot deny, it is well known that math played a huge role in how Da Vinci painted. Using a fifty percent opacity level, one blog was almost able to duplicate the actions of the video. (View it here)

It is with technology that we are able to do the fancy tricks and superimpose the images and get these results, but whether they were intended remains the subject of much debate. The websites,, and each list errors and are still down as of Sunday night. The sites originally held more information and information regarding the new information about the “Last Supper” fresco.