The Bible in Ten Seconds

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A new version of the Bible was launched at Canterbury Cathedral in September 2005 by its author the Rev Michael Hinton.

The 100-Minute Bible includes all the familiar Old Testament stories and a narrative version of the four Gospels, concentrating on Jesus’ ministry. Rev Hinton claims it takes less than two hours to read.

Is it possible to sum up the Bible in an even smaller amount of time? BBC Radio 4’s Today programme set their listeners a challenge: to sum up the Bible in 10 seconds.

Here are some of the best 10-Second Bibles:

The lights came on,
we could see the rules,
but being lost,
we behaved as fools;
He came to save us,
died on the cross,
will we learn,
or are we lost?

James Barabas

God made everything there ever was, and it was perfect. Men and women mucked it up, so God sent his son Jesus to make things better. Not much changed, but those who follow Jesus go to heaven, a true revelation.

Sheila Carroll, Harlow, Essex

1. God makes everything
2. Man fights over it
3. God sends his son to fix things
4. We kill him, and carry on as before
5. The End

Tony Briskham

In the beginning God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit brought Faith, Hope and Charity; but their greatest gift was Love. Amen.

Steve Johnson, agnostic but open-minded

God’s todo list, remembering he can see the future. Found on stone post it note.

Make in seven days
Kick Adam out of Eden
Tell Jews made it
Flood it
Try again.
No good. Send son
Son sent back
Try again.
Wait a few years
Give up
Send horsemen.

Dave Nicholson, Windsor, Berks

God created the World.
Even his own people kept messing it up.
He sent his Son to sort it out.
Christians don’t behave as if they really believe it
So one day he’s coming again

Adrian Faiers, Chelmsford

bible haiku

an eye for an eye
father, son and holy ghost
turn the other cheek

Andrew Brown (Leeds)

In the beginning, God made the earth, made it perfect, like heaven. But man sinned and messed it up. For centuries and centuries he messed it up, even when he was wandering in the desert, even when he was trying to be good.

Eventually, God took pity on man, and sent his son, Jesus who really was utterly good. Man messed him up too, but because Jesus was so good, he didn’t mess up. He forgave man, and made a pathway back to heaven for him.

Clare F Harvey, St Albans

God created a great universe which greedy humans threatened to ruin. His son, Jesus, came to remind us of the rules but he was tortured and killed. Do better or else!

Dianne Kenny

A talking snake
A floating zoo
A burning bush, and then…
A man walks on water
Saying “Do what you ought ter!
Cos I’ll be back!”

Andrew Carroll, Brighton

The Hollywood ten second bible (well five actually) goes:

“man meets God man loses God man finds God”

David Barlow


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