Day: July 16, 2007

Vote For “A Templar Knight”

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“A Templar Knight”, the excelent blog edited by Fr+ “Jachin”, member of the Priory of England and Wales has been selected by the Blogger’s Choice Awards to run for the Best Blog in several categories. Please, visit the Blog at A Templar Knight.

Here’s how “Jachin” describes himself:

templar_osmthu_org_uk.jpg“Templar Knight was created in July of 2006 as a way for me, a forty something from Wales, to express himself when it seemed that nobody was listening. The fact that nobody is probably listening still, is irrelevant, at least I have had the opportunity to get what it is that is troubling me off my chest and that is what counts. The blog is a direct spin off from my work as the webmaster for The Knights Templar of England and Wales of which I am a member.

As a member of the Priory I have seen a number of things that the general public are unaware of and at times this can weigh on my mind.

Having said that I will not claim to know the whereabouts of the Holy Grail, who the members of the Illuminati are or whether JFK was really assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald or not. To be truthful, even if I did know the above I wouldn’t tell you anyway.

I probably belong to a time which has long disappeared for I believe in the principles of chivalry. I believe that women can still be treated as ladies without that undermining who they are as individuals. I will hold a door open so they may pass through before me; I will give up my seat on a bus or a train so that they may sit down; I will walk on the side nearest the traffic when on a pavement (sidewalk) and I will usher them to their seat when in a restaurant. I do all of this not because I feel it is expected of me, nor because I feel they are weaker or inferior to me but because I would do the same if they were a man, out of respect for who they are. If they would like to show the same respect back by doing likewise, I would gratefully accept their offer.

My blog contains an eclectic mixture of posts depending on what is on my mind at the time. If my personal life is troubling me somehow then I will blog about it. If what is happening in the world is foremost in my mind then I will give my opinion about that. If something within the Templars troubles me then I will talk about that to the best of my ability without divulging anything ‘sensitive’. You may ask me any question you wish so long as you respect my right not to answer it or to answer it in a manner I deem appropriate. If I agree with you I will say so, if I don’t, I will tell you. I have been accused of being argumentative or confrontational and this may indeed be true for if I truly believe in something, I am willing to go into battle to defend it. However, I am also open to every point of view and when I am wrong I will admit it. What I will not do, however, is concede just for the ‘peace’.

I remain anonymous in that I will not post a picture of myself, state where I live or what my real name is because that is my choice. The picture on my blog is not of me…I don’t have any facial hair. I am not ashamed of who I am, nor how I look, it is just safer that way for me, for you and the people I love. What I will tell you is that I am a teacher, I live in Wales, I have two children, I am separated from my wife, I write extensively in both English and Welsh, I have had numerous articles and poems published in both languages and I am extremely good looking (well that’s what my mother tells me anyway). If you ever become a member of the priory you will probably get to meet me one day and realise what a ‘fugly git’ I really am and how suspect my mother’s eyesight truly is.”

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