General Convent and Magisterial Council Meeting in Madrid in September

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The next General Convent and Magisterial Council Meeting of the OSMTHU will take place in Madrid, Spain, the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of September, hosted by the Priory General of Spain.

Fr+ Manuel Quintanilla, Prior general of Spain and Secretary General of the Magisterial Council has sent the summons to all Magisterial Council members and Priors. This is a very special meeting, for several reasons. It will be a General Convent, in which all Priories and Priors should be present, but also opened to all regular members of the Order, Dames and Knights of any Priory that wish to take part in the decision making of the Order and have their valuable views discussed and considered by the Order’s leadership.

The current situation of the Order is better than it was one year ago, but there is a lot to be done and the tasks ahead require the involvement of every Templar. Several cultural activities are in preparation, there will be a public conference and we are making a great effort to release a new book about the Order at the event. A full detailed calendar will be send by the Secretary General shortly. If you haven’t received the information, please, contact us on so that we can include you on the list. I stress again that attendance is opened to everyone, regardless of rank.

Finally, if you want to have news on the General Assembly of the Grand Priory of England and Wales, held this past weekend, please visit this post from our English webmaster.


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