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Dear readers,

The very nature of a Blog makes some of the posts too ephemeral to notice by many of you. I am very proud of your reaction, your comments and emails with articles (they are here, don’t worry!), suggestions and links. I am convinced that the members of the Order who have been coming to these pages over and over again have found food for thought and many leads to further develop their personal research into Templar history and spirituality.

I’m also proud to find readers and authors who are not Templars that, looking at what we are interested in, at our discussions and views, enquire further about the Order today, clearly understanding that we are not locked in the past, a “fancy dinners” organisation or a “lapel pin order”, but a thriving force of people from many countries and cultures united in the admiration for those Knights who dared talk and create bonds of brotherly love with their supposed enemies, who dared invent ecumenism and pray alongside other faiths, who dared use religion as a thread to unite man instead of a line to divide “revelations” of the same One God, who have shown compassion for the weaker despite of race or belief.

But precisely because many of the posts became ephemeral, I would like to draw your attention to the Most Popular Posts in each language and also some of the gems you may have not read yet. Keep clicking!


 TOP MOST POPULAR POSTS (last 30 days)



1. Templar Chronicles II – Alcobaça 1

2. Putin’s Reunited Russian Church

3. At home with the Knights Templar

4. My Bedroom Window Over Jerusalem I – We Could Learn From Muslims

5. A Portrait of Faith

6. Church Militant

7. My Bedroom Window Over Jerusalem IV – Israel Split in Her Vision

8. My Bedroom Window Over Jerusalem III – A Pilgrimage to the Jordan

9. My Bedroom Window Over Jerusalem II – Jerusalem Day

10. Templar Cronicles I


Español (Castellano)

1. El Templario en la Actualidad

2. El rastro de los templarios

3. Los Templarios en Tierra Santa

4. Midi-Pyrénées, trazas y trazos

5. Templarios, teutónicos y demás órdenes militartes de edad media

6. Ponferrada, ciudad de los Templarios

7. Hasta los nazis buscaron el Santo Grial

8. Notre Dame y los alquimistas – Cuatro claves para recorrer Paris

9. El Arca de la Alianza

10. Nobleza medieval de Fisterra




1. Sur le chemin des Templiers

2. Des croisades au roi de fer

3. La croisade, premier choc des civilisations

4. Un ordre bâtisseur qui créa le compagnonage

5. Le son des Templiers

6. 19 Mars – Le Bûcher

7. Le point de vue des Arabes

8. Attention vendredi 13 !

9. La chute du Temple

10. La Loire de relais en châteaux




1. 1312: Dissolução da Ordem dos Templários

2. Charola de Tomar vai ser recuperada

3. Os Templários em Portugal

4. Edição portuguesa divulga documento secreto sobre Templários

5. Sarcófagos encontrados em Jerusalém podem conter tumba de Jesus

6. A Paixão de Cristo em Malta

7. EUA: Alunos luso-americanos descobrem presença Portuguesa

8. Malta guarda sepultura lendária

9. Iniciação

10. Wallpaper – Guimarães, Portugal



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9. Un tesoro de papel [Castellano]

10. St Paul’s tomb unearthed in Rome [English]