Not Enough Evidence That Cameron Found Jesus’ Tomb

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For centuries people have been dreaming that they will find Jesus’ tomb, and with that knock down the basic Christian dogma. Other faiths and holy scriptures like the Ku’ran openly describe Jesus as a prophet, but deny the possibility that after his death on the cross, he rose again and became unique in the history of mankind.

Numerous theories, including the one from “The Da Vinci Code” made millions from a thin theory which is not new. According to one version, Jesus was saved from the cross, and escaped to France with Mary Magdalene where he founded the Merovingian dynasty which in turn founded the city of Paris. Followers of this theory claim that it takes days to die on the cross, whilst Jesus died after only three hours, and the Roman authority unexpectedly allowed the body to be taken from the cross. The body was taken by Joseph of Arimathea, carried it to his property and placed him in a cave where for three days his wounds were looked after, after which he illegally boarded a ship and headed to Europe.

A grand master in the Shroud of Turin

Jesus’ covering, or the “Shroud of Turin”, in which Jesus was allegedly wrapped in and left a nearly photographic mark is considered to be authentic, even though its display to the public has been long avoided. Only recently, three independent institutes performed an analysis of the shroud’s age by using the method of radioactive carbon 14 testing, whose accuracy is quite high. Results have shown that the shroud is from the start of the 14th century, and it is believed that the print belongs to Jacques DeMolay, a grand master of the Knights Templar, which French King Phillip the fair tortured for seven years for him to reveal the location of the fantastic treasure of the Templars. When DeMolay did not talk even under the harshest of pains, Filip ordered for him to be impaled on a pole and roasted like an ox.


Jesus’ grave as a tourist attraction

Besides the shroud, the public has been stirred up by the discovery of the Russian researcher Notevic, which found 220 verses in a Himalayan monastery describing Jesus’ life, who aged 115, died in Cashmere. He called his followers his “herd of sheep” and he used other expressions which resemble Christianity. The similarity between the original names of Issa and Jesus and the charisma of the man who took a caravan from the West has inspired some people to search for his tomb, which is located in the city of Srinagar and is the target of many tourists. Many of them believe that it is the historical Jesus, but there is no serious proof for that.

Even BBC has broadcast that Japan has a monument which is called “Jesus’ tomb”. According to them, Jesus fled to Japan, of course after he survived the nailing to the cross, and ended up as a rice harvester there. They say it is unbelievable how many tourists are attracted by those stories. The location of the monument is in the town of Aomori.

Cameron is searching for the success of “The Da Vinci Code”

The American Hollywood mogul and director of “Titanic” James Cameron, is trying to prove that Jesus’ tomb was discovered 20 years ago close to Jerusalem. It is based on the claim that Jesus together with his family was buried in a tomb on which was written the names which could be those from the Bible. It looks like there were two Marys, mother of Jesus, and wife. Cameron claims that Jesus had a son who was called Jonah.

However, something is not clear. At one place the reporters from the scene conclude that “the tomb is now empty”, and they are not sure what Cameron thinks when he lets us know that “the research lasted over 20 years” and discretely claims that “DNA analysis methods have been used”. Therefore it is not important if it is true, it is only important that the commercial success of the Da Vinci code is repeated.

Damage from nails on hands and feet

If we assume that the bones found in the tomb were available to forensics, the fact that Jesus was nailed to the cross could be of help. Even though we expect that the marks of nails will be visible on the bones of the hands and feet, that is not the case. According to our leading forensic scientist professor Dr. Josip Skavic, “the nails in the hands slid between the metacarpal bones and did not leave a visible trace, especially after two thousand years”, and the same case is for the feet. The person could be nailed to a cross and that would not be visible after the decay of the tissue.

The mention of a DNA analysis is considered by our leading forensic-genetic scientist to be trivial, because he says, it is impossible to retrieve enough material for DNA testing from bones two thousand years old, and it if were possible, it is an extremely complicated process. It is enough to say that there is nothing in the world’s forensic literature describing a similar project, or which protocols you could follow in a situation like this.

If we throw out all of those factors, there is not much hope left only on the basis of the names on the grave to make a connection to Jesus’ family. In that time, there were not as many different personal names as today in the time of mixed cultures. If we are talking about ten or twenty different names, the coincidence is perfectly possible, in fact quite probable. Anyhow, it is a lot more probable than the theory that the remains of the world’s most loved man have been found.

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