Day: December 20, 2006

Prior of Portugal dies peacefully this afternoon

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Dear Brothers and Sisters:

It hurts me deeply to have to communicate that Brother Luis Barros, Secretary to the Magisterial Council, recently elected as Prior General of Portugal, passed away in his sleep this afternoon peacefully at home.

Brother Barros joined the Order a few years ago in a ceremony he liked to remember quite often, in Rome. He became rapidly one of the most active and most loved members in the Order and the Magisterial Council saw fit to entrust him with the office of Secretary. His attendance to meetings, his interest in the development of the Order and personal commitment to Templar ideals have been unsurpassed in the last few years and become a beacon of light for Templars in all countries. We should celebrate Luis Barros and thank our Lord for having had his help and friendship. It is however now time to let him depart and fulfil his own destiny.

Brother Barros had just returned from the United States, from a meeting in the Commandery of New Jersey – that he founded and whose work he used to follow closely – and was preparing to enjoy the festive season with his family. Please, say a prayer for his family in this very difficult hour, this particular festive season to all families, pray for his lovely wife and two very young kids (both under 10) who couldn’t enjoy his always fun and loving company for as long as they rightfully would wish.

This is the communication I wished I would never had to do.

See you soon, friend and brother Luis

Luis de Matos

Non Nobis Domine Non Nobis Sed Nomine Tuo Da Gloriam


Querido Luis,

En este momento recibimos la triste noticia del fallecimiento del Hermano Luis Barros, a quien Dios tenga en su Gloria. Te rogamos de todo corazón tengas la amabilidad de transmitir nuestro más sentido pésame a su familia y a los Hermanos portugueses.

Un abrazo afectuoso y fraternal,
Fr. Fernando de Toro-Garland
Sor Patricia Oyarzun Pinto


Caro Luís Matos:

Ainda me parece irreal que esta notícia seja um facto consumado!

Parece ter sido agora que partiu daqui todo contente por ter sido investido no seu novo cargo já pensando no encontro de Tomar mas o tempo passou e neste que decorre Deus o terá em seu lugar e nada mais que em espírito poderá estar presente.

Não vai ser fácil encontrar substituto à sua altura. Ele era tangido por uma dedicação, provavelmente sem precedentes, ao serviço da nossa Ordem.

Se for possível, gostaria que fosse encomendada uma coroa de flores em nome da Comendadoria de New Jersey, para o seu funeral (…).

Aqui iremos mandar celebrar uma missa por ele, do sétimo dia.


Um abraço

Manuel J. Dantas


Dearest Bro.: and Friend,

I am in shock!
Please convey my deepest sympathy to his Wife and Children.
As you see, we are in a very complex time, and transition is most difficult when accompanied by personal losses.
My thoughts and prayers are with you, as well: as I do know how profoundly connected you and Fr. and Bro.: Barros were.
May the Light shine, despite the shadows of this material land…

JOHN [von Blaught]


Dear Brother Luis!

it was really a very unexpected and sad news! I have immediately informed about this unexpected and great loss also the Slovenian prior Marin Zen, who is at the moment traveling in Canada.

In his name and the name of all Slovenian Brothers and Sisters and also in my personal name I would like to present our condolences to the Order and please pass our condolences also to his family. I remember brother Barros from Ljubljana and I had a great admiration and friendship toward him. So young, so energetic, so full of life, friendly and always ready to help. And he has left us…

We were knowing brother Barros as a very respectful Brother and friendly Secretary to the Magisterial Council always ready to help. We were very glad and happy when we received the information that he has been elected as Prior General of Portugal. It is nearly incredible that he has left us! Our sadness is impossible to describe!

With him the Order and we all have lost a great person, a good friend and a marvelous Prior. But anyhow he will also in the future be and stay with us, lead and help us, as he will be with us in our mind and he will also in future be the beacon of light for all Templars around the world.

A Templar condolence greeting and comprehension to his family, we are in our prayers and thoughts with them and all of you, who have had brother Barros as Brother, Friend and adored leader.

Requiescat in pace!

fr. +Roman Vertovec
for the Slovenian Priorate
& personally as a friend & brother